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Buy fireworks or source a professional fireworks display from the companies listed on this page. Remember, you should always give priority when shopping for fireworks to the companies who help support

American Fireworks Company

USA, fireworks distributor, retailer

Mike Killian's Wholesale Fireworks is a locally owned and operated fireworks wholesaler located in South Pittsburg, TN. We carry a variety of popular and generic brands to meet our customer's product and pricing needs. We also offer a variety of services, including pricing requests, early ordering, scheduled pick-ups, and shipping.

USA, fireworks distributor, retailer

Superior Fireworks has been the online leader in consumer fireworks since 2001, offering only the best products from the best brands at incredible values all year long. Make all life's celebrations more memorable with Superior Fireworks!


RGS Brand Fireworks was developed to consistently provide high quality products year to year. Through the use of Brilliant colors and unique effects, RGS Brand Fireworks has carved a unique niche in every market that it is sold. From our very first RGS item developed (Kenna’s Choice) to the infamous Black Widow Artillery Shells, we take pride in the quality and performance of every item with a RGS logo on it. Yearly trips directly to our partner factories in China ensure this quality. We hold great personal relationship with our team overseas and communicate with them on a daily basis. We test thousands of items throughout the year to ensure the RGS brand maintains the reputation it has built and that our partner factories produce products worthy of the RGS Brand.

China Fireworks Supplier

China, Fireworks factory, supplier.

Skysong Fireworks is a leader of fireworks supplier from Liuyang. China.
Skysong produces both retail fireworks and professional-grade fireworks products. From firecrackers to cakes, artillery shells, fountains, missiles, and more, your light and sound show will be a crowd pleaser!