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A Brief History of Sparklers

It is believed that the Chinese first invented fireworks in the sixth century. As time passed, the use of fireworks spread throughout the world and a lot of new variations were created. It has become a crucial part of celebrating major events like the Independence Day, New Years Day, Bonfire night of England etc. Today the most used form of fireworks is the sparklers. It is a form of fireworks that can be held in the hand while the coated side burns.

According to BBC’s e-cyclopedia the primitive form of sparklers was invented by Callinicos of Heliopolis in about AD 670. Callinicos, who was an architect, called the invention ‘Cherosiphon’ which was more like a small Roman candle. Through the work of various fireworks manufacturer, that Cherosiphon has evolved in to sparkler. Sparklers consist of a long thin wire or rod that is coated down halfway with slow burning pyrotechnic composition. The pyrotechnic composition contains metallic fuel, the main ingredient to create the sparkles and other materials like Aluminum, Iron, and Titanium etc. to create colored sparkles.

Sparklers are inexpensive and easy to use fireworks. Besides the traditional use in celebration events, sparklers are getting popular in weddings, where especially made wedding sparklers are used instead of rice or birdseed. The visitors create an archway holding the sparklers upward for the bride and groom to pass through. The commonly used wedding sparkler is the 36″ sparkler which is used for the longer burning time.

Since its creation sparklers have been a great source of joy for people to celebrate events. As such, sparklers are becoming a part of almost all kinds of celebration events.

Source by Sajal Mark

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