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A Short History of Fireworks and Veteran’s Day

An instrument that explodes using a fuse is called a firework. Some are used for exploding on the ground and some are launched into the air for exploding. Fireworks are for display and celebration purposes or for scaring away the birds. When we think about fireworks, war comes to our mind. There is a public holiday in US to honor the service men and women who served in defense of the nation. It is called Veteran’s Day.

When we look into the history of fireworks, they were invented by the Chinese over 2000 years ago. Chinese were the first to use fireworks although early fireworks were very different from the fireworks of today. It was discovered that green bamboo was used to explode on an open fire caused by the air pockets trapped inside the structure of the bamboo stalk and it was known for scaring people and wild animals.

The fireworks industry was developed in China by 1200 and hundreds of manufacturers were constantly making efforts to improve the technology of fireworks. This was significantly important to the Chinese military who would often win the battles because of its strategic use to frighten the enemy.

The history of Veteran’s Day comes from Armistice Day. It was created by President Wilson after the end of World War I. That day was not originally a holiday but just a two minutes somber moment of silence to remember the fallen soldiers. The construction of the Tomb of Unknown Soldier at Arlington was authorized by the US congress in 1921 and the US Veterans Bureau was formed as a Federal department in the same year.

The technology of fireworks improved and gunpowder were being used in warfare which had a devastating effect. The development of heavy bore cannon could be used to destroy fortified walls, sink ships and devastate battlefields with increasing accuracy. Nowadays, fireworks are produced in a variety of sizes from hand held all the way up to rocket sized fireworks that need a launch tube to help increase thrust to fire them up into the sky.

Many great heroes and veterans were recognized after the US was involved in World War II, and the Korean War. They were not being remembered on Armistice Day so the Veterans Service Organizations was responsible for them and the name was changed to Veteran’s Day.

Fireworks are annually used to enter in to the New Year and global cities compete for the biggest and best firework displays as well as at the beginning and end of major events like the Olympics and Presidential inaugurations. Veteran’s Day is held on the 11th November of every year involving religious services; veteran’s marches and family get together.

Source by Tauqeer Ul Hassan

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