Fireworks production in Philippines

Fireworks production in Philippines

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To bring up the production of fireworks and firecrackers, everyone will think of the explosion in China. However, when you take a look at the process of producing fireworks and firecrackers in Philippines, you will definitely frighten the urine. The domestic single rooms are operated by single rooms, but in Philippines, they operate like this.

Workers are loading to the gunpowder.

The figure is a worker with gunpowder all over and down, and is compacting the gunpowder with a stick. (this is the most dangerous part!)

The work is inserting fuse in tubes.

The figure is that a worker is checking unfinished firecrackers!

Making Triangle Firecrackers. Most of consumers know the triangle firecrackers, it's looks simple, but very loud. Let's see know Filipino make it. 

A small fireworks Philippines in northern Manila province of Bulacan Philippines factory, Philippines workers are preparing materials.

Wrapping powder in brown paper with triangle shape,  this is extraordinary danger. 

This is new, making triangle chain, usually the triangle we play is single piece, because it's too loud, easy to break the connecting fuse. so the fuse for chain triangle firecracker , have to be very good. Let's see how they make the fuse.

We never see this way before. 

oh my gosh! 

Dry the fuses

This is big job with spending a lots of time to make a chain. 

This kind of work, it is estimated that few people dare to do it, this is a real risk of life and gunpowder deal!

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