New Zealand Fireworks Rules

New Zealand Fireworks Rules

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  Fireworks Regulations & Laws

There are rules to do with the import, storage, and sale of retail fireworks. We’ve put together a factsheet and Code of Practice to help you understand your obligations.

Your guide to Selling Retail Fireworks (pdf 1.16MB)

Code of Practice for Retail Fireworks (pdf 118.15KB)

If you’re importing fireworks, you need to obtain an import certificate from the EPA for each consignment.

Apply for an explosives import certificate

A sample of each consignment must also be tested for safety and have a certificate issued by or on behalf of the EPA. Please contact us if this is what you need to do.


Outdoor pyrotechnic displays are closely regulated and there are a number or rules you need to know if you are planning to hold an outdoor pyrotechnic display. More information about these rules is available from WorkSafe.

Pyrotechnic displays - WorkSafe website.

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