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Family Oriented Fourth of July Weekend – Five Family Fun Suggestions


Looking for some great family activities to do on the upcoming Fourth of July weekend? Well, there are plenty of awesome activities for you and your family to do together you just have to get thinking! Here’s a list of some of the best family activities to do on this amazing holiday weekend.

1.) Take a trip to a beach! It is the middle of July after all, so you might as well take your family to somewhere fun where you all have the option of cooling off in the water as well! Beating the heat is only one of the benefits the beach has to offer, you could also ride bikes from wherever you stay to the beach. This would also add some great exercise into your holiday weekend, while also beating the undeniable traffic you know will be swamping the shores all weekend. Soak up the sun, swim in the water, and maybe even learn how to surf over the weekend!

2.) Have a family cookout! Invite distant relatives over or keep it small with just the immediate family, either way you will be sure to have a great time. Must have commodities for a Fourth of July cookout would be hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, and maybe even some clams if you can get your hands on some. Anything goes when you’re the grill master so it’s really your call. While you’re at it break out the horse shoes and wiffle ball sets for the kids.

3.) Have a movie marathon! The previous two ideas pretty much banked on the fact that it will be a picture perfect, ideal Fourth of July weekend, but you can never rule out the chance of rain. If you’re stuck inside all weekend there’s no need to be bummed out, just throw on some classic movies and relax. Maybe watch all 6 Star Wars films or mix and match all your favorites into a never-ending awesome movie weekend!

4.) Go to a baseball game! Okay, so back to the good weather options here. What is more American than spending Fourth of July weekend a ballpark? Nothing, that’s right. Celebrating our country’s independence day by rounding up the family to go out and spectate America’s past time bleeds red, white, and blue. Find out when your local MLB team has a home game that weekend, or head to one of their Minor League affiliate teams and take in America’s sport at its finest!

5.) Go watch fireworks! There has got to be somewhere nearby your home where there will be a display of fireworks at some point over the Fourth of July weekend. Nothing is better than heading out with a blanket and the family to watch the sky light up with red, white, and blue fireworks on this weekend. If your state allows it, you may even be able to have your own personal firework display at home. Be sure you check out your local laws and regulations for fireworks first though, of course.

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