Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Fireworks in Michigan, Law Makers Looking For a Victory! Again at Taxpayers Expense!

As we smell the neighborhood barbeques blazing, the laughter can be heard throughout the community, as in many communities. Off in the near distance you hear a few bangs from the presumed illegal firecrackers, then a boom or two, many wondering why people would be breaking the law. This is the presumed perception of America today in states where fireworks have been labeled as illegal, not only by the media, but also law enforcement officials.

The tradition of celebrating July 4th, also known to many as “Independence Day” stems back well before any of us today were even born. Fireworks in recent history have taken an extremely bad rap due to many past accidents and personal experiences of those who carelessly used them. You read article today on how some people oppose fireworks due to the fact that they are noisy, annoying and so on. All the things that fireworks are supposed to be, to them the annoyed ones they should not be.

Independence Day, fireworks, family get togethers, with many American’s currently out of work, it sounds like a story that is not possible in America.

As we scan through the Michigan Votes website, looking at all the new bills that the lawmakers are purposing, one thing becomes apparent. Not one bill in all the bills pertains to creating a significant amount of new jobs.

We will use Michigan as an example due to the fact, there are number one, uno, in first place, for the highest unemployment numbers in America. We find bills that increase fines, jail time for offenders. There are several bills that add additional fees to the already struggling Michigan business sector. You will find bills that target past criminals, that prevent them from getting jobs or even owning businesses. You will find sections in some bills that will force them to close there existing business even if they have been law abiding, tax paying citizens, totally rehabilitated from there past. Bills, that are being introduced to regulate industries that are already heavily regulated under federal laws, bills increasing the financial burden on Michigan’s struggling businesses.

At the same time, these very same lawmakers, take pay increases as the state in financial dyer straights struggles to survive. A state where those same elected officials cannot balance the budget. It appears that the syndrome of democratic policies have taken grasp with the belief that we can tax the hell out of them and then ask them, “Do not forget to vote for me now.” The attitude that we will spend monies we do not have, hoping the existing businesses can survive the blow, this all in the wake of Michigan as it tries to recover. The record shows that these policies have not been working and unemployment figures clearly show just that.

“Boom” then a flash of light in the sky and another U-Haul truck blast by, speeding in the south bound direction for the Michigan border. Another family of Michigan’s small business owners forced to leave behind everything that they once worked for, now victims to bureaucratic policies and the need for greed by Michigan’s lawmakers. The ever rising trend is happening in Michigan at a alarming pace. As the press pads all the stories to protect the integrity of our lawmakers and public officials, reality is hitting home for many. Michigan’s confidence levels have fallen to a all time low. Fingers are being pointed at the media to accept part of the blame for what appears to be one sided reporting, not telling the whole complete story.

Recently, a particular bill of interest is the fireworks law, HB5999-6000 which passed the democratic controlled house. The bill targets existing businesses with heavy fees in all aspects, hoping to generate monies badly needed in the state of no survival.

As you review who voted on the bill, several republicans jumped ship, ignoring there oath to protect the health, and well being of Michigan’s citizen. One particular republican representative jumped ships to the democratic side supporting the bill, after businesses currently operating in Michigan opposed this bill and presented legitimate concerns directly to her. A bill with no foundation other than greed and out of control spending, with ridiculous regulations and guidelines.

This very same bill follows the carelessness of democratic policies, abusing conservative government functions, with a state in the financial situation as Michigan, conservative attitudes have no importance to those who represent the people. For those who feel that Michigan, is headed in the wrong direction, contact your state senator, write governor Gramholm, tell them, if it is BAD FOR BUSINESS, then it is BAD FOR MICHIGAN.

Source by Melissa Dziurkiewicz

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