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Flirting Foreplay – How to Flirt Dangerously With Men – Part 2


We learned before that in order to flirt with a man in a way that makes him feel fireworks, you must adopt and manifest the power of charm.

How do you learn to be charming?

Most people believe that charm is a skill that some people are naturally born with. This is because personality would make it appear that some have more charisma than others.

Think carefully about the individuals whom you believe to have a charming personality. The main trait is the POWER to attract. The power to attract is not some action performed through behavior alone, it is behavior in action. In other words, charm manifest itself in behavior but back of the behavior is a learned ability to become like a magnet.

If you want to make a man’s knee drop then you must learn the skill of charm until it become a natural part of your personality. You can’t do this without practise and you can’t just practise on men you are attracted to. It must become YOU. This becoming starts with a decision to never surrender your power over to a man but to contain and exude it where he feels it like fire in his bones.

You must believe you can and see yourself in your mind’s eye being a great flirt. If you cannot hold this mental image until it creates the belief that you are a powerful man magnet, you will not be successful with flirting.

Many will tell you to bat your eyes, or give a great smile but without the essence of the power you’ve cultivated within, it will not hold him. A smile is great but if it has nothing behind it, it cannot get under a man’s skin. To get under a man’s skin and make him think about you for hours on end, you have to be able to execute behavior along with the inner belief.

The place where most women fail is trying to execute behavior without having first formed the belief that they are powerful so they rely on powerless actions in order to get a reaction – like playing mind games.

You cannot continually think thoughts of panic, fear or anxiety around dating or commitment and expect to get a man’s attention or his commitment. He will feel your insecurity especially if you have a habit of pretending to be confident.

You want to become the primer and the paint to draw an image on his mind about you and in order to do this, you have to practise your inner game before you wink at him.

The next time you want to catch a man’s attention do this:

1. Think about yourself as THE most desirable creature in the universe. See yourself as a seducing gem, a wonderful beauty and a modern siren.

2. While holding this thought in place, try flirting. Open up with a warm smile, lock eyes then look away or wave then give a dangerous wink.

You will immediately notice the difference when you are sending powerful waves of desirability as a signal to his subconscious mind instead of insecure signals that has no power to really capture him.

Just remember, the power that comes through your actions must first find its home in you.

Source by Nicole Gayle



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