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How Fireworks Work

There are extremely wide ranges of fireworks available in the marketplace. Each and every firework generates different sounds and different effects. These variety of effects generated based on the set up and the materials used in it. The basic principle is used in each and every variety of fireworks. This article clearly gives you a quick look of how fireworks work.

The learning process begins by knowing three fundamental types of fireworks:

1. The Firecracker.

2. Sparklers.

3. Aerial Fireworks.

The Firecrackers are most essential and the oldest of all the three basic types. The Chinese use this by filling inside the bamboo tubes for bursting. The gunpowder or flash powder in the firecrackers is bundled tightly into the tube. The fuse generates the power when the explosives lit up. To bright up the explosives, materials such as aluminum is added by manufacturers.

Sparklers produce bright sparkles of light. Actually, it is designed to produce the bright light for a long period of time whereas the firecrackers just blow off in a fraction of second.

Finally, the most common form of fireworks is aerial fireworks. This form of firework was used for many purposes like celebration, function and in ceremonies. The Aerial fireworks are commonly used in celebrations such as New Year Eve, in the United States and in the Fourth of July.

Among all the three kinds of fireworks, the most complex one is aerial fireworks. The aerial fireworks consist of container, bursting charge at the center which is used to ignite the material inside the crackers and the fuse helps to find the height by which fireworks fly.

Source by Charles Hansen

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