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Indoor Fireworks – Liven Up Your Christmas Table and Make the Festival Go With a Bang

The Christmas already has its fair share of razzmatazz, with crackers, candles and even a Christmas pudding covered in burning brandy, but what can you do if you want to do something different? Here are a few ideas.

Indoor Fireworks
Small, simple and highly effective, Indoor Fireworks have made a comeback from when we first saw them as children in the 1970’s. Now with new regulations, which allow them to be sold alongside items such as party poppers, they are much more widely available. Many internet sites sell them so anyone (over the age of 18) can get their hands on some.

With a mixture of sparks, smoke, crackles and weird shapes, an Indoor Firework pack can keep all amused for hours while you rush around between courses preparing the next load of dishes.

Babble Centerpiece
Why confine the babbles to the tree? They help reflect all the other light from within the rooms and can sparkle and shimmer throughout the meal and are a great low cost solution to living up the table.

Why not get a door wreath and use it for a centerpiece? Place it on its side and add some simple candles to give your table some magical atmosphere.

Table Bombs
Table bombs can be used to add a bit more of a bang to the proceedings. Coming in a variety of sizes, all you have to do is light the fuse and stand back. They produce a range of balls, foil and streamers, balloons, spinning tops and party poppers.

Name Decorations
You can use air drying clay of pastry to make simple letters for name places. A set of children’s cutters can be bought cheaply and you can decorate the letters using glitter to give each place that personal touch.

Theme your Christmas table with an arrangement of flowers. Keep colours to a minimum and perhaps try and tie these into coloured napkins or table mats.

Ice Fountains
These are low smoke fountains designed to be the centerpiece for any celebration. Shooting sparks which last about 40 seconds, they are great to provide a finale to the feast and make it one to remember.

Instead of crackers, why not make a small personal gift for each of your guests. These can be special gifts sourced for not very much money throughout the year and will give them a small individual memento of the day rather than the traditional key ring or plastic frog found in Christmas crackers.

Ceiling hangings
Use decorations that hang from the ceiling to help make the space more special and intimate. These can be normal bells and stars, but also consider bring in some holly or ivy and making a wreath that hangs above the centre of the table.

Christmas Lights
Small LED lights can be scattered among the places and even the new ranges of battery powered lights can be weaved in and out of the plates and bowls. With the main lighting turned down, this helps add to the magic.

Source by Warren Thomas

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