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Los Angeles Beaches – Santa Monica

Santa Monica beach has three and a half miles of sandy coastline. It is one of the worlds most perfect beaches in the perfect climate. The beach is cleaned and raked on a daily basis which helps make it a pleasant beach experience for tourists and residents. Read on and learn about several of the beaches attractions.

One of the attractions is the famous Muscle beach. The area has recently been restored to its original glory and features chin up bars, parallel bars and various other forms of exercise equipment. It has attracted fitness fanatics since the 1930s and continues to be a popular attraction today.

Palisades Park is another attraction. Located above the beach, the park has a jogging trail and viewing areas that take advantage of the parks height. KIt offers incredible views of the city and beach below.

Are you interested in chess. Whether the answer is yes or no you should check out the Chess Park. The park features public chess tables and even has a human sized chessboard on the sidewalk. It is worth a look.

If you have decide to visit the park, be sure to obey all park regulations. There is no smoking, no dogs , no alcohol, no glass bottles and no fires or fireworks allowed on the beach. The regulations are designed to protect everyone’s good tine and enjoyment of the area. Parking can be tough but there are several parking structures located nearby which offer free parking for up to two hours and of course parking meters which you can park at for up to 2 hours for $1 per hour.

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