Friday, June 2, 2023
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Mature Seduction Techniques – A Girl’s Guide to Pleasing a Woman Well

In this article we are going to take a quick look at some mature seduction techniques that will be sure to keep YOUR woman coming back for more! Look, let’s be honest. Most men past the high school and college age could use a little bit of help with satisfying their lover in the “real world”, when the days of drunken fraternity parties and a corner kegger have lots a bit of their luster..:-) Let’s look at a few simple things YOU can do to keep your girl happy and healthy in the sack, and eager to see YOU as often as possible! Read on..:-)

Ambiance is Enormous!

What kind of stage are YOU setting for romantic fireworks to flame? Are you stimulating her senses with an amazing ambiance….or simply throwing down with Sports Center and burritos before giving her the “come hither” come on..;-) A mature woman ( and I’m talking mid twenties here fellas) wants MORE than this, EVEN if she isn’t verbalizing it a loud. If she isn’t telling you…trust me, she’s telling her friends, and that’s NEVER a good sign of things to come!

Anticipation is Amazing

I’ve said this before…and I’ll say it again here! Slow down and enjoy the view. A woman who is entering her sexual maturity understands her body better, KNOWS what she wants, and is FAR more desirous of a scintillating, sensual slide into lovemaking, RATHER than accepting of something short and sweet. True – every experience is different and they ALL don’t have to be a marathon run, but work in SOME long distance in there (I’d say OFTEN!)and her discriminating tastes will reward you with LOADS of affection!

Source by Megan Zoile

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