Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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President Obama Effigy to Be Burnt Down in Alicante

It’s June again and yes the Alicante fiestas called the Hogueras are back again, bigger better and ready to be burnt down on the 24th June. During the week running up people come and visit Alicante, taking a stroll around the city to appreciate the hard work put in to making these huge paper mache effigies that tend to reflect what is going on in the current Spanish and International communities as in the case of President Obama who has lead the way on the international political front this year.

This year’s popular themes were the United States, Swine Flue, and climate change. Prizes are given to the best Hogueras and the local Alicantinos really do take this fiesta seriously, which represents the changing of seasons although I dread to think if only paper mache effigies were always what were actually burnt. The burning always takes place at midnight on the 24th and kicks off at the Town Hall square, which is literally packed with thousands of people shouting and singing. It is traditional to sing insulting chants at the fireman who in turn hose down the over heated crowd.

The party has started and people move round Alicante, drink in hand and enjoy other burnings. Other popular Hogueras include some by the harbor and others in a district of Alicante called Carolinas. This is all good traditional fiesta fun and tourists will always have the most wonderful experience when partying out in Alicante on San Juan night.

I would recommend staying in a hotel or hostel for the week, although if you are staying close by the Tram via has an all night service. During the week proceeding the 24th, there are firework displays down on the Alicante beach, where once again thousands of people gather to watch some quite spectacular fireworks that light up the whole sky and can be heard from Benidorm.

The average day time temperature in June is about 30º and nighttime between 15 and 20º, so you can enjoy the beach in the morning ,the fiestas in the afternoon after the siesta and then just party all night long. The local bands start to parade around the streets at 7 in the morning so now you know why I mentioned the siesta.

Source by Andrew G Edgington

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