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The Spoken Word – The Power And The Glory

LOVE: A word properly applied to our delight in particular kinds of food; sometimes metaphorically spoken of the favorite objects of all our appetites.

-Henry Fielding

Ah yes… The pen is truly mightier than the sword. Coming from someone that has been ‘physical’ his entire life, this statement has proven to be the most personally empowering concept I have ever known. And when you fully understand this, it is without a doubt quite liberating. But what few people don’t fully grasp is that when written words become spoken words, they explode like fireworks! If books speak volumes, speeches and speakers ignite entire lives.

Interestingly, there are three explicit categories of words: the written, the meditated, and the spoken.

Simply put…written words can enlighten, inform and give entire fields of possibilities and probabilities about topics or events. Meditated or contemplated words have the potential to bring out volatile, fiery or caustic ideas. But when both the written and meditated words are verbalized, the result is remarkable, to say the least. In particular, spoken words are fired from the barrel of a gun (the mouth), through a triggering mechanism (the tongue) and when used effectively, words are like bullets that hit targets accurately and leave an ineradicable mark.

The act of speaking itself is a unique technique for the transmission of messages. It really does involve the body and the soul. It’s capability to create a visual drama with live emotions and gestures that put life into the message like no written or meditated messages can achieve is truly startling. In speaking, you really become the message rather than just being the messenger. Consequently, entire multitudes can literally go bananas in public with a moving speech.

I have learned through a good deal of painful, yet rewarding experiences that it truly pays to learn how to speak with fire or antithetically use a tongue of flower. The power of the spoken word is insuperable. Entire nations have been united and divided by one dominant leader who spoke winningly of a particular cause. Abe Lincoln spoke and convinced divided Americans to unite, many years before the ‘true’ birth of the modern and potent media viability.

Conversely, Vladimir Lenin spoke with fiery persuasion to influence Russian peasants and workers to bolt away from Czar Rule and even called on the Proletariat or working class of other nations to an analogous action.

You can also brandish this mighty tool of speaking very credibly to an individual or multitude by just learning and practicing the principal points of public speaking. You might be astonished that the steps to develop potent public speaking skills are quite simple and easy, yet practicing them is critical. Delivering the spoken word with command and authority is an art and science that entails due/do diligence.

The development of personal or professional power is gained through mastery. Prevailing, potent and powerful leaders from the past to the present have mastered the ways of the spoken word. And in order to attain the power and the glory of the spoken word, you have to persistently practice your skills in public speaking by speaking publicly.

Source by Kurt Hurley

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