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1️⃣6️⃣shot 500gram: ENGINE NO.9 (Brothers Pyrotechnics) *Massive Breaks*

Published on 22 Jul 2021 / In American Fireworks

16shot 500gram: ENGINE NO.9 by Brothers Pyrotechnics‼️
Holy sh💩t, did you see that Spread to the breaks, F-ing Massive!!!! this cake will most definitely remain on my Pick-Up List📝. It's just that NICE👍🎂👍 A case at once would make a Great 64shot 1/1.
Yes there is a Demo of this cake already on the Channel. That one came from Break Charge's private Collection of Older Goods. Plus that demo was shot the more traditional style from 50 or more feet back. This cake is a little more current and was shot from Practically underneath the display. The first demo was to show what it does, this demo is of what you the shooter See's from below.
This cake came was a part of the Sweet 16 assortment from Spirit of 76 Fireworks outta Missouri. You get 3 16s cakes and 1 17s cake in the older assortment, and 4 16s cakes in the newer version. All 4 from that assortment are on the channel ( Uncle Sam's Answer, Photo Finish, Pyro Nation, Engine No.9). It's One I'd consider adding to your wholesale order list next time. All 4 were great cakes!!!
This may have came from a newer case, but honestly after looking at the construction of the Tubes&Cake. I'd say this was old stock, just look at the dividers in between the tubes. Smaller Cardboard tubes instead of the styrofoam strips. us this was a Heavy Cake as well. So if you come across a few of these while shopping for your New Year's Fireworks, Get it!!!! That Spread alone was worth it!!!

Sidenote: It may have looked like the Shells were needing a little more lift. But Trust me it wasn't a cake with Bad time fuse or lack of lift in the shots. Remember I shoot halfway up a hill. That's Gravity and the fact I'm technically on a angle with everything I shoot. Happens all the time, and unless you underneath and looking Straight up you won't see it. Now this cake did get some killer height, which really helped to see the effects of shooting off a hill in action. NOAB'S really show it with the height they get. The higher the Shells go, the more you'll see it. But unless you looking straight up, you'll never notice it. Today's Physics lesson was brought to you by some dumbass and Fireworks in action😂😂😂!!!

😈DIRTY SOUTH FIREWORKS☠️, Home of the Good Shit💥🎇😃🎇💥
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