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American Fireworks Demo 2019

Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In American Fireworks

That time of year once again on a yet another cold yet rainy day in Hudson,Ohio for my second year of visiting American fireworks for their annual demo night in Late April. They have a bunch of new products and classics as well. They showcase some new items from Magnus brand,T-Sky, and new ones from Winda,World Class, and Dominator/Mad ox. I also did a quick tour of the store to look at what’s new on the shelves and meeting other pyro friends.

The actual demo starts at 25:10

Note:Due to copyright the Pyromusical at the end was removed and I’m trying to get it posted somewhere else and Facebook is now giving me trouble as well for copyright issues. Sorry trying to get it resolved and if it’s fixed I’ll post a link here-

Enjoy the Video and hope you like the new channel name! More videos coming soon!

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