Enjoying some Legal Fireworks!

Published on 18 May 2021 / In American Fireworks

Here is the link for Dominator Fireworks and Pro Level dealer locator: https://dominatorfireworks.com..../blog/dominator-fire

Ship Dominator Fireworks Brand wholesale to almost anywhere in the USA: www.FireworksForever.com

Use http://dominatorfireworks.com for Dominator Fireworks products and Dominator Pro Level. Use http://pyrobuy.com for all the other brands mentioned in video (Mad Ox, Pro Ox, Pyro High, Inked, Machine Made, etc.)

Remember, Dominator Fireworks is a Chinese company. So only importers can buy from “Dominator”, BUT they have lots of “dealers” across the USA. If you can’t go to one of the several locations, there are plenty of Dominator dealers that will ship to you.

*IMPORTERS* if Dominator is a brand that your customer’s want you to carry, and you are not importing Dominator already, talk to Dominator and they can help you get a container from China.

*DISCLAIMER* fireworks can be shipped to you legally like the video states if 1. You live in a state where fireworks are legal to purchase or purchase year round. 2. The retailer/wholesaler has a license to do so. By watching this video you assume full responsibility to check with local law enforcement and do your own due diligence before proceeding to order fireworks online.

What’s up guys! In this video I show off my shipment from Dominator Fireworks!
Products in this video:

Red White and Blue 16 Shots 200g cake by Dominator Fireworks

Dirty Dog Novelty by Dominator Fireworks

Blackout Smoke Bomb by Dominator Fireworks

Blaster Shots Single Shot Aerials 6pcs by Dominator Fireworks

Lava Lamp Fountain by Mad Ox Fireworks

Jitterbugs Firecrackers/Jumping Jacks by Dominator Fireworks

Darts 6pcs Aerial Spinner by Dominator Fireworks

Pyro Cola Fountain by Mad Ox Fireworks

Ka-Pow! 10 Shots 200g cake by Dominator Fireworks

Atom Smasher 8 Shots 200g cake by Dominator Fireworks

Smoke Trails 16 Shots 200g daytime firework cake by Mad Ox Fireworks

Hammertime 16 shots 200g cake by Dominator Fireworks

Mighty Mini x8 100g cakes by Dominator Fireworks

Liberty 13 Shots 200g cake by Dominator Fireworks

Molten Madness Fountain by Dominator Fireworks

Rowdy Rampage 16 Shots 200g cake by Dominator Fireworks

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