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Lighting Red Apple Fireworks for #FRIDAYNIGHTFIREWORKS

Published on 18 May 2021 / In American Fireworks

#RedAppleFireworks #PyroSquad #FridayNightFireworks

THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS WERE FINALE SET BOXES BY RED APPLE FIREWORKS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE IN THE VIDEO. ALL ITEMS IN THE FINALE SETS WERE LIT OFF AT THE SAME TIME IN THE VIDEO. You can purchase everything you see in this video (besides the item at 12:17) online at https://www.redapplefireworks.....com/?rfsn=4006067.5e and have it shipped to your doorstep with no hassle, almost anywhere in the USA. BUT DON’T FORGET TO USE MY LINK WHEN ORDERING! :) type “CBPYRO10” at checkout to receive an additional $10 off your order!

1:38 we lit the entire Sin City finale set at once.
2:27 we lit the entire Elktro Skull finale set at once.
3:06 we lit the 18 shot Vida y Muerte finale set all at once.
3:55 we lit the entire Ganja Box 48 shot finale set at once.
4:47 we lit the entire Fans 100 shots finale set at once.
5:17 we lit the entire Doom Brand Sunflower Bomb finale set at once.

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