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What is There to Do on the Isle of Wight?

Many people have taken the opportunity to visit the Isle of Wight and all have different experiences of what the Isle has to offer, but what are the larger tourist attractions and what shouldn’t be missed when staying on the Isle of Wight?

Isle of Wight Zoo

A popular choice for tourists is the Isle of Wight Zoo which is home to Britain’s largest collection of tigers. A show dedicated to the tigers titled ‘Tiger Island’ was a popular documentary that followed the behavior of the tigers and those who looked after them. The Zoo also hosts many other animals including monkeys, snakes, jaguars and lizards.

Isle of Wight Railway

The Isle of Wight railway proves a great way to travel around the island to see all that is on offer. Nothing can beat the stunning views that can be seen from a well preserved steam train. The track and the train is largely volunteer run and provide a great window back in time.

Jazz Festival

The world class Jazz festival never fails to attract tourists from all over the world. Packed with a broad range of musical talent the festival provides back to back gigs of up and coming jazz icons and well established jazz legends. All artists bring something different to the bill and the festival itself incorporates a broad range of genres that include Latin, Funk and Swing.

Cowes Weeks

A very popular event, yet still unheard of by some. Cowes week is an event based around the sport of sailing. Enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike, this popular event holds entertainment through out the day and into the night as well as the much anticipated Grand Fireworks Display. Hundreds of boats take part in the celebration from small power boats to more traditional steamers if you are passionate about boats then this is the event for you.

Big Wight Mountain Bike Festival

A popular choice for those looking to get a little more exercise on their holiday. This has become a popular choice for many bikers who travel from afar to take part in this popular event. Catering for spectators as well as competitors the event attracts people who enjoy both parts of the event as well as the social side.

This should give you a brief idea of some of the events and attractions that attract people to the Isle of Wight each year. So the next time you are looking for an Isle of Wight Hotel be sure to check out what is scheduled to happen during you’re visit so ensure you don’t miss out on the entertainment.

Source by Tom Sangers

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