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Why You Shouldn’t Expect Fireworks When You Approach Women You Like

Never Get Emotionally Attached To Situations Of Uncertainty

One of the biggest mistakes men make is thinking that a woman they just met, who they’re talking to, is a sure thing. He doesn’t know this woman’s motives or if she’s even worth his time.

Men have put themselves into bad situations because they thought a woman was a sure thing, but she had ulterior motives. It may seem like things are going really well, but the woman could be just looking for attention. She may be flirting with you at the club, but she is just trying to get her boyfriend jealous who’s a few yards away looking at the whole interaction take place. When she gets what she wants, she will leave you there looking confused when she doesn’t go home with you.

Being Stuck On One Woman (You’re Not Even In A Relationship With) Is A Recipe For Disaster

This happens to men in the friend zone. They will build up this friendship, hoping it will morph into a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, this girl is not interested because she has her eyes on other men who she doesn’t consider her friend. These men will be stuck on this one girl and think that being the “one who is always there for her” is gonna change that friendship into a sexual relationship.

If you want to get women to like you, you have to operate from a position of power. These men she dates, she’s interested in them for a reason. There’s something about these men that turns her on and it’s not because they listen to all of her problems.

This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to a woman and comfort her, but it should be because you care about her, not to fake interest just to get into her pants. Women are very intuitive and know that this is what he really wants to do, but too scared to let her know that this is what he really wants, so she will use this to her advantage and treat him like a shoulder to cry on when other men she is really interested in don’t treat her special.

Why You Shouldn’t Confess Your Love For Your Crush Like They Do In The Movies

Ever watch those movies of the man who had a crush on this girl since they were in 3rd grade and he confesses his love to her in a big, dramatic way? Just because women like the idea of this happening, they don’t want to be the girl who this is happening to.


You have fantasy and reality.

Women like the IDEA of a man who will confess his love to her and make her feel special. The reality is, women are very attracted to men who kinda ignore them.

Think about the IDEA of having 7 girlfriends (not “friends with benefits”) for each day of the week. This sounds like a great fantasy, but the reality is you would burn yourself out and find it hard to keep all 7 of these girls happy.

A man who confesses his love for a woman in a dramatic way has shifted the power from him to her. Yes, you can be loving to your girlfriend or wife, but a woman you didn’t establish a romantic relationship with could be scared away from such a dramatic situation.

The men who get the girl usually keeps things simple and allows her to have all of those emotions stirring up in herself.

Are You Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve?

“I think this is the one!”

Have you ever said that about every woman you meet? When a man expects fireworks, this is because his heart is on his sleeve. Men who are successful with women know and understand that it’s about controlling your emotions instead of being at the mercy of them.

“Why would you say that?”

Women are very emotional. They need men to keep that emotional energy grounded. This is why a lot of men who are too emotional, even if they are “traditionally attractive” turn women off. Women are turned on to men who can connect with her emotionally, but doesn’t fall victim to his emotions.

Sometimes Rejection Is A Good Thing

This is not something you want to hear right after you’ve been rejected by a woman you’re really attracted to. However, if you ask yourself, why did you like that woman in the first place?

Was it because she was pretty?

Was it because she had a nice body?

Was she a good person or you just saw how good she looked on the outside?

Once you strip away her looks and how much you want to sleep with her, was being rejected so bad after all?

Don’t Expect Fireworks, But You Want To Get A Result

Sometimes those results won’t be to your liking, but at least you know where you stand with this specific woman. The earlier you know, the better. Not saying that the both of you can’t start to build a relationship over time, but you’ll know this when you focus on getting a result than expecting fireworks.

Let’s say you tell a woman you want to take her out on a date. She rejects you and says you’re not her type (she’s very blunt. Most women aren’t this blunt). At least you’re not torturing yourself with uncertainty. If you get rejected, at least you know it’s time to move on.

Even The Best Looking, Most Charismatic Men Don’t Get The Girl

If you are one of those men who thinks you’re too ugly to get hot women, think again. Even the most attractive men get rejected and may even get passed over for men who look like swamp creatures by general standards.

It’s not how you look but how you make a woman feel. The whole point of this is to get her feeling all of these emotions for you. When you can control your emotions and how you interact with women, you’ll start to notice that more and more women will be attracted to you. Your problem will be which one will you choose!

Source by Reem Jones

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